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A business plan is the first step to get yourself transformed into a businessman from an employee. Yes, if you have any plans to start a Genuine business in Bahrain, it is essential that you develop a business plan.

A business plan comes handy to help you better assess your new business, study the market, analyze your competitors and also, to present the business plan to receive financial support from banks and to get an approval on your lease in an upright location in the city. The business plan consultants at Arabian Document Clearance in Bahrain are professionals with sound market research and have prepared business plans for restaurants, hotels, educational facilities and training centers, retailers, and many more. We are known as the best and most trusted business plan consulting company in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 
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Purpose of Business Plan

To get a realistic idea

You may have a business idea but you are not sure of it being a success or you are not sure of the factors which would make it a success. Having someone validate your idea or developing a researched feasibility Study will help to make certain decisions before you take the plunge.

To Identify target customers

We would help you identify customers which are suitable for your business and get a feedback about potential market size, and “How can we bring customers in ways that are cost-efficient and scalable?”.We can get market research done to identify potential target customers.

To identify all related risks

Every Business has risks involved, it could be a market risk, would be a risk in the particular industry, Regulatory risk – ie what is approved by govt, etc. We would have in-house experts who would chart out these risks or we would talk to experts in that industry and chart out at the risks.

To raise capital or funds

If you plan to borrow or raise cash-even from family as well as buddies -you will have to convey your vision in a manner that is clear and convincing. An excellent Feasibility Study will allow you to do that, your plan as a fundraising instrument is only the start of the story.

Our Business Plan will include

Executive Summary

Visio& Mission

Economy & Trends

Market research

SWOT Analysis


Industry analysis

Risk analysis

Staffing plan

Operational plan


Projected Financials

Our Business Plan Service Process

  1. We sit down with you to understand your requirement and purposes of the plan.
  2. Define the Value Proposition of the business.
  3. Define the methodology of Market Research to be done.
  4. Get the market research done as per definition.
  5. Analysis of the Research results.
  6. Landscape analysis from competition Perspective.
  7. Collection of information related to costs.
  8. Analysis and revenue projections.
  9. Development of the Financial Model.
  10. Analysis of all research and provide the recommendation.
  11. Marketing and operational details worked out.
  12. Delivery of the report.
  13. Review of the same by the client.
  14. Support at further meetings with investors or financial institutions if required.

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Why Arabian Document Clearance?

  • Knowledge of local market.
  • Full Fledged Market Research Team which can cover GCC.
  • Can provide service across GCC or In Bahrain.
  • Track record of creating successful plans.
  • Expertise across various industries, please check the sectors page.
  • Plans we create was successfully used to get funding from various types of investors, banks, funds etc.
  • Plans successfully used to get approval for the new company in Bahrain.


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