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Arabian Document Clearance is a valuable resource for businesses that are looking to fully leverage the tremendous opportunities available in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

We offer a wide range of services to help you set up a business in Bahrain. Our experienced professionals can customize affordable solutions for large corporations, SMEs, and entrepreneurs. Arabian Document Clearance is a team of professionals, assisting their clients in setting up their businesses, company registration, company amendments, company liquidation, the local sponsor, corporate finance, business advisory, business plan, market research, feasibility study and other business solutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We provide an extensive range of business solutions efficiently at affordable rates. With many years of experience in the industry, our professional and dedicated business consultants provide suitable solutions for our clients and we constantly strive hard to excel in our commitment towards client satisfaction. You can be assured utmost of professionalism and satisfaction with our business solution services in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
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Company Formation

 Our corporate formation experts make it easier to capitalize on the booming business opportunities in the Kingdom of Bahrain. As a “one-stop shop,” we handle all the complexities and aspects of setting up a company. With our cost-effective and efficient services, you can receive a Commercial Registration Certificate and begin operating within a few days.


Company Amendment

Any changes in the incorporated commercial registration are called Amendments. Existing CR owners can make this changes with the help of our Professional team. Making changes in the CR means the Article of association(AOA) or MOA also need to be updated. Arabian Document Clearance can help you to make any changes in your Existing CR, from company


Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is the analysis of the practicability of a proposed idea. It evaluates the economic, environmental, technical and quality of life aspects of proposed business ideas. Coupled with the project’s compatibility with the local community, this information allows decision makers to have the accurate and relevant information needed to make informed choices.


Business Plan

A business plan comes handy to help you better assess your new business, study the market, analyze your competitors and also, to present the business plan to receive financial support from banks and to get an approval on your lease in an upright location in the city. The business plan consultants at Arabian Document Clearance in Bahrain are professionals 

Business Advisory

Making your mark in your field of business is all the more difficult today because of the stiff competition and other complicated hurdles the business faces. You need to create and maintain a structure that will help you identify opportunities, manage threats and enhance productivity so that your goals can be achieved within a specific timeframe.


Corporate Finance

From raising capital to capital structuring, and financial feasibility to fund placement, from joint ventures to acquisitions or business disposal, and more.We also assist our clients in preparing the requisite documents, completing the legal formalities, to get credit facilities, raise equity, release/invest in bonds, revolving credit, get a credit rating, and so on.



In Bahrain, there are some Business activities which required to have Local Partner in terms of 51% Ownership in some cases 100%. It’s mandatory to have a local sponsor in Bahrain when setting up a trading company or Construction company. We assist companies and individuals by introducing them to trustworthy, dormant and reliable partners. We have stringent procedures to assess suitable nationals as local partners. We only recommend credible individuals as sponsors who have a well-established track record of non-interference in the businesses of our clients. If you are considering sponsorship for your new business or are not satisfied with your current sponsor, we can assist you with suitable business sponsors. We also make an agreement (other than MOA) between local sponsor and investors to protect their investments in the company.


Company Liquidation is the process by which a Company (or part of a company) is brought to an end, and the assets and property of the company are redistributed. Liquidation is also sometimes referred to as winding-up or dissolution. In Bahrain, it is compulsory to liquidate a company if its operations are closed. Our professionals help you to process the liquidation of companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Our team prepare guideline that can help you minimize your legal liabilities with minimizing financial losses while license cancellation in Bahrain. We coordinate with the concerned authorities and administer all the processes involved to ensure a smooth and hassle-free completion of the liquidation process.Contact us for a free consultation about winding up a business in Bahrain. It will help you to have a proper idea about liquidation process and procedures.

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Arabian Document Clearance

We guarantee a considerable reduction in the cost of your Document Processing and Clearing

Enabling you to devote more time to your core wealth creation activities. Usually, it takes 3 to 14 working days to register a company with MOICT in Bahrain But sometimes it might take more time if some approvals are needed for some specific business activates.

One point of contact for all services

Our computerized client database system stores all essential information including all renewal dates for your licenses, visas, registrations. We act for you on time and avoid you incurring any penalties.

All your document processing is hassle-free because we pick up and deliver the document to your office after clearing from Government Departments of Immigration, Labour, Economic, and Municipalities.

With us, you are always up to date with all latest Government initiatives, rules, and regulations.

As a part of an international conglomerate we always have considerable resources at our disposal. We are able to match resources required to maintain the quality of service you expect even when your business is growing at supersonic pace.


You get detailed breakdown and receipts of all Government charges and expenses


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I have tried to open a corporate bank account recently, the bank asked for a business plan to proceed and finally, Arabian DC helped me with a detailed Business Plan and the bank accepted and activated my account. I think a business plan is a basic tool for every company.


Arabian DC is advisable for every startup because they are not just focussing on company formation, they are supporting companies after the registration is completed, like LMRA and recruitment, company profile and visa ceiling, bidding support for projects etc