Branch of a foreign company

Foreign Branch

A branch of a foreign company which is incorporated and registered outside Bahrain may be registered as an operational office, representative office or a regional office. A Bahraini in the same industry must act as a sponsor unless the branch or office is being set up in Bahrain as a regional goods or services distribution center.



Foreign Ownership

  1. The parent company shall bear all liability of its branch in Bahrain.
  2. Business operations are allowed only for an operational of office
  3. Representative and regional of offices are only permitted to undertake marketing and promotion
  4. Banking, insurance and investment arrangement activities are allowed (operational of office only)
  5. Local of office presence is required
  6. No minimum share capital is required
  7. A branch manager is required
  8. A local sponsor is required for an operational office, with the exception of branches licensed by Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) and the Committee for Organising Engineering Professional Practice (COEPP)

Required Documents

  • Company registration application form.
  • External entities pre-approval (depending on the activity).
  • Sponsorship agreement signed with a Bahraini trader for operational branches (except representative office, regional office, and GCC companies).
  • Copy of commercial registration certificate.
  • Copy of memorandum or Article of association and its amendments (if any) for foreign companies.
  • Latest audited financial report if the company is at least one year old.
  • Board of directors’ resolution to establish the branch in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Guarantee letter from the parent company taking full responsibility for the Bahrain branch.

All documents concerning foreign companies have to be authenticated from one of the options below:

  • The authorized party, the Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Embassy of Bahrain at the country of origin (or)
  • The authorized party, the Embassy of the concerned country in the kingdom of Bahrain, and the Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • CPR or passport copies for non-resident.
  • Authenticated power of attorney.

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